Yeye Yarns - Our Cultural Stories Today: Trevor Walley

Trevor Walley (TW) talks with Len Collard (LC) and Laura Stocker (LS) about reconstructing Nyungar culture.

Click here to link to Trevor Walley yarns about his Moort.

Photos Angela Rooney

TW: I think we’re on a journey. The elder told me that he got very upset because a lot of Aboriginal people didn’t do anything for their culture, and they were in a prime position to contribute to their culture, to their local dialect and a lot of them hadn’t done enough. And so I always remember words of the elders and encouragement. 

It’s also called confidence…So once you start having knowledge then you’ve got the confidence and then that helps the Aboriginal culture and it helps Aboriginal people understand their culture without being shamed…So if you know your culture and you’ve been listening to other people’s words and wisdoms, then you will have confidence and you will have culture and you’ll be a stronger person…[Read more…]