Yeye Yarns - Our Cultural Stories Today: Karen Jacobs

Karen Jacobs (KJ) talks with Len Collard (LC) and Laura Stocker (LS) about reconstructing Nyungar country.

Click here to link to Karen Jacobs yarns about her Moort.

Photos Angela Rooney

KJ: I have a business called Indigenous Economic Solutions Enviroscapes…the main aim of that is to basically take Aboriginal people, well my business interest, back to my grass roots. I’m a horticulturalist by trade going back around 30 years ago … I used to head up landscaping and I think it was the one place that I was truly happy as an Aboriginal person and a female where my best attributes are. 

So now that I’ve calmed down from a lot of more formal and official positions I’ve actually gone back to my grass roots and started employing people again, looking at larger revegetation and rehabilitation projects. 

I just find as an Aboriginal person it’s a priority for us to maintain a balance in what’s going on in our landscape and society today. We don’t have really much of a choice when it comes down to it about progress… but we can have a role in … helping to manage the environment and maintaining a balance. [Read more…]