Clontarf Hill

Site Type: Ceremonial, Mythological, Artefacts/Scatter (Camp, Hunting Place, Natural Feature)
Archaeo./Ethno: Both Archaeological and Ethnographic
Side Id./Co-ords: "18322 / Coordinates: 383417mE, 6450405mN, Zone 50 (Reliable)"

Clontarf Hill, previously known as Hamilton Hill, is bound by Healy Road to the south and Clontarf Road to the north. The attributes of the site are given as ceremonial, mythological, an artefact site, a hunting place and a natural feature.

It sits currently on the Interim Register of the DIA and the site file has ‘Open’ access status. A member of the Independent Environmental Nyungars, who grew up in the Fremantle area, reports he went with his father as a young child to Clontarf Hill to catch rabbits, and during these occasions he saw a group of “full blooded” Aboriginal people camped on the hill (Jones 2000:1).

Site 18332 Clontarf Hill, a limestone and sand hillock, is possibly the only remaining high point in the southern part of Fremantle. The view from Clontarf Hill takes in the Indian Ocean and offshore islands.

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Laura Stocker